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It pretty much goes without saying that the iPod, iPhone and iPad have all left the information tech industry scratching it’s head. It’s hard to believe that Apple once again released a product into a fading market - the tablet market - and turned it into something every other tech company wanted a part of. In the beginning, the iPad wasn't expected to make an impact on the tech industry, however much to all our surprise, the iPad has become one of the most important pieces of technological hardware during the past generation. Apple’s founder and CEO the late Steve Jobs (1955-2011) held up the device to the thunderous applause of the audience. The rumours surrounding it have been the talk of the town for months before then, and since January 2010 Apple proved the device is not only real but the ultimate market leader.

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  • Damaged, Smashed, Cracked iPad LCD Display. iPad Screen Repair. iPad Digitizer Repair. iPad Glass Repair. iPad Power / Battery Repair. Liquid Spill iPad Repair. Accident Damage iPad Repair. Dropped, Broken iPad Repair. iPad Connectivity Repair. iPad iOS / Software Repair.
  • We offer a fast UK iPad repair service on Apple iPads and can help you arrange to get your iPad to us for immediate repair.


    Call now to book your iPad in for a FIXED-PRICE iPad Repair or a FREE INSPECTION and we can inform you of the cost to repair within a matter of hours - (We DO NOT charge you for this service) If you're happy with the costs, we'll start work immediately and return your device swiftly.

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